Kichun Shin


Mr. Ki Chun Shin has held the CEO position at Atinum Investment since 2000, and is responsible for sourcing investment opportunities and overseeing the execution of new investments and exits. Prior to joining the firm, he worked at Samil PWC as a Certified Public Accountant.

Mr. Shin holds an MBA from Seoul National University, and graduated with a BA in Business Administration from Seoul National University.

Albert S. Lee


Mr. Albert S. Lee joined Atinum Investment in 2009 after working for Goldman Sachs, a foreign investment organization. He has CEO position at Atinum Partners in 2013 to lead overall business and overseas investment.
Mr. Lee was also appointed director of the Atinum Investment in the same year and has been involved with the Atinum Investment for many years. He has CEO position at Atinum Investment in 2018, contributing to promoting overseas investment and expanding the area of investment.

Mr. Lee holds an MBA from the UC Berkeley Graduate School, and graduated from Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Chang-Seok Hwang

Chief Managing Director

Mr. Chang-Seok Hwang is the Executive Vice President of Atinum Investment, where he joined in 2005. He has work experiences at Johnson & Johnson Medical and Hallim Venture Capital, where he focused on Biotech & Healthcare investments. Mr. Hwang currently serves as the head fund manager of four funds at Atinum Investment. He was also awarded the "Best Venture Capitalist" award by the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy in 2006.

Mr. Hwang holds an MBA from Sogang University, and graduated with a BS in Life Sciences from Sogang University.

Doojin Maeng

Managing Director/ Ph. D

Dr. Doo Jin Maeng is a Senior Managing Director at Atinum Investment. He has been in the venture capital industry since 2002, specializing in the IT industry. Dr. Maeng was also awarded the "KVIC Venture Capitalist of the year" award in 2011.

Dr. Maeng holds a Doctor's, Master's, and Bachelor's Degree from the Mechanical Engineering Department at Seoul National University.

Investment Professionals

Member Brief History
Minjae Jeong
Executive Director
Samsung Electronics
Hyundai Venture Investment
Yuanta Investment
Sogang Univ., B.S., Mathematics
and Electronic Engineering
Jerry C. Kim
Executive Director
Daewoo Information Systems
Samsung Electronics
Seoul Nat'l Univ., B.S., Earth and environmental sciences
Seoul Nat'l Univ., M.S., Computer Engineering
Best Venture Capitalist 2016 (KVIC)
Sang-Hoon Kwak
LG Lifesciences
LG Household & Healthcare
Seoul Nat'l Univ., B.S., Pharmacy
Seoul Nat'l Univ., M.S., Pharmaceutics
AICPA, Pharmacist
Aram Shin
LG Display Korea Univ., B.S., Electrical Engineering
Korea Univ., M.S., Electrical Engineering
Chanil Chang
Havard Medical School
POSTECH, B.S., Chemistry
POSTECH, Ph.D., Chemistry
Jinwoong(Jin) Hwang
Samsung Techwin
A.T. Kearney
Boston Consulting Group
Seoul Nat'l Univ., B.S.
Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
University of Michigan(Ross)
Chan Park
Univ. of Michigan, B.A., Economics
Northwestern Univ. (Kellogg), MBA
Sung-Hyun Baek
Ahngook pharmaceutical KAIST, B.S., Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
KAIST, M.S., Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
Yunji Kim
Kakao, Kakao mobility,
Huobi Korea
Yonsei Univ., B.S., Industrial Engineering
Sooyang Jo
KAIST B.S. Business and Technology Management
Industrial Engineering


Member Brief History
Bohmi Min
(Compliance Principal)
Korea Venture Investment
Lawfirm Gangnam
Ewha womans Univ., B.A., Law
Judicial Research & Training Institute
Admitted to bar, Korea
Heewon Kim
(Compliance Principal)
National Pension Service
Deloitte Anjin LLC
Samil PWC
Yonsei Univ., B.S., Business
CPA, Korea


Member Brief History
Eun-soo Park
Atinum Investment Hanyang Univ., B.A., Business
Hanyang Univ., MBA
Best Risk Manager 2014 (KVIC)
Mikyung Kang
Hanhwa Investment & Securities Soongsil Univ., B.A., Business
Geun Hye Kim
Atinum Investment Hongik Univ., B.A., Business
Ja-eun Koo
NH bank
Michigan Venture Capital
Dongduk Womens Univ., B.S., Economics